Here are the comments that were shared in evaluations (plus some emails & the Zoom chat) following your Kiddieland Remembered program recently:

I loved it, great presentation.
Very well researched and presented! It was fun to trip down memory lane, since my family started going to Kiddie Land around 1956! Thank you!
Thank you for hosting this! It was fun, and brought back many memories!
Love the presentation on Kiddieland. It brought back so many fun memories!
Great presenter, very knowledgeable, well paced—loved it!
Having a presentation on Zoom was wonderful. I enjoyed it so very much. I will definitely join other programs if offered. Even before the Pandemic, it was difficult to get to the library. I hope it can be arranged to Zoom other programs even when they are offered at the Library.
It was so great to see Kiddieland in the wonderful pictures. I was a personal friend of Tom Norini, and to see him in your presentation brought a tear to my eye. Great job on the research, and as always it was very sad to see it go.
So fun! Certainly brought back treasured memories…Tom was the name of the horse I road…relieved that so many rides were sold to other amusement parks rather than thrown in a “got junk” truck. Those kinds of experiences and history, once they’re gone, they’re usually gone. Cheryl certainly shared her passion—a wonderful presentation! Took 2 pages of notes—such a thorough and informative presentation. Timeline of acquisitions, and videos, and history and family history…so much information…so neat that this was viewed by so many people!
Very interesting! The presenter’s enthusiasm and knowledge were very evident.
[email] Hi – enjoyed the Kiddieland presentation last night! I know some other Kiddieland fans who would be interested!
[email] Thanks so much for a great program last night. Really appreciate it.
[email] Great documentary on Kiddieland, thanks to Cheryl Brown
[Zoom chat] Hello from Mike Tauber—in Laguna Beach California! My dad Bill is on in Westmont HI DAD! He took us kids to Kiddieland in the late 1960s. LOVED IT!! We love Elmhurst Public Library. I grew up there.
[Zoom chat] I just love that bell, brings back fond memories. Fun trip down Kiddieland Memory Lane, thank you.
[zoom chat] GREAT presentation! Brought back lots of memories.
[Zoom chat] Thank you for your time, research, and enthusiasm! Great presentation!
That was fun to watch–she really knows her stuff!

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