Presentations by Cheryl Brown

Cheryl Brown is a historian & professor of Business and Computer Applications at Oakton College.  Her passion for remembering Kiddieland, has brought her to keep the memories alive.  Expanding on that passion for Chicago history, her newest topic has you remembering the oldest bakeries in the Chicago area along with bringing samples of the best family-owned bakeries still open.


Chicago’s Sweet Bakeries Remembered 

Reminisce about these historic Chicago family-owned bakeries (Dressels, Naples, Vesecky’s, Fingerhut, Webers, Dinkels, Roesers, Reuters, etc) and baking companies (Maurice Lenell, Burny Bros, Salerno, Sara Lee, etc) and discover where you can still buy the best mouth-watering, made-from-scratch baked goods. Scoll down to see pictures


Kiddieland Remembered: 10 years after its closing.  From 1929-2009 Kiddieland in Melrose Park brought joy to thousands of families.  Learn about the history of the park, enjoy exclusive videos of the park (and riding the roller coaster), the family fighting that caused it to be sold, and experience the auction of the rides with an exclusive video.  Also view many exclusive vintage photos of the park as we discuss the history,  purchase of the rides, and where they are now.  Presentation also includes a display table of original Kiddieland memorabilia.